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NF Burrs for Aluminum 1/4" Shank

• NF Burrs are designed for use on aluminum, non-ferrous metals, soft steel, re-reinforced plastics and other soft metals.

• High flute finish for easy chip flow and fast stock removal. Also provides excellent work finish with minimum loading when cutting soft, sticky metal.

NF Burrs Cylindrical.gif


NF Burrs Cylindrical Table.PNG
NF Burrs Cylindrical Radius End.gif

Cylindrical - Radius End

NF Burrs Cylindrical Radius End Table.PN
NF Burrs Ball.gif


NF Burrs Ball.PNG
NF Burrs Oval.gif


NF Burrs Oval Table.PNG
NF Burrs Tree Radius End.gif

Tree - Radius End

NF Burrs Tree Radius End Table.PNG
NF Burrs 14 DegTaper Radius End.gif

14 Degree Taper - Radius End

NF Burrs 14 Degree Taper Radius End Tabl
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