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Flex Hone Oil

Specifically formulated for use with the Flex-Hone® in honing all types of metals. Contains a blend of honing and lapping oils, a lard oil to prevent galling of aluminum, a moisture dispersant, a nonionic surfactant wetting agent to assure complete lubrication of the surface and a special additive to help keep the metal cuttings and containments in suspension. Emulsided, anti-bacteria agent.


Use sparingly, only a small amount needed on cylinder walls to create a slurry.

Clean the cylinder after honing with cloth or rags and clean motor oil until the cloth stays clean, then thoroughly wash cylinders with hot water and soap. Oil lightly afterwards to prevent rusting.


On hydraulic cylinders use only hydraulic brake fluid or a non-petroleum water-soluble lubricant.

Flex Hone Oil Table.PNG
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